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What is LiGRE?

What happens when you mesh two things that appear similar on the surface but are in fact fundamentally different? In some cases, such as the ones mixing qualitative and quantitative data, the result, by its scope, emulates the crossing of a lion and tiger. In either case, the result is a gigantic hybrid: a LiGRE!

For its part, the animal, combining the characteristics of the lion and tiger, is the largest feline living on earth. 

In its digital version, LiGRE is a Web application that can be used to transcribe audio and video interviews, codify texts, and build and distribute surveys. Like the animal, the application does not only combine, it merges! It helps to mesh qualitative and quantitative data. LiGRE comprises a leading-edge system that automatically weights qualitative data in order to integrate it to a quantitative data sample in a statistically valid way. 

Carrying out a mixed analysis has never been easier with LiGRE: build a survey, distribute it, codify your interviews, and let LiGRE handle the pairing between your qualitative and quantitative data

Correspondence grid

Who is LiGRE for?

Developed by researchers for researchers, LiGRE was designed to support and assist you through the research process. LiGRE includes a multitude of functionalities ranging from automatic transcription to graphical results analysis, through the codification and distribution of surveys.

Réalisez simplement des études qualitatives et quantitatives très poussées avec LiGRE.


LiGRE enables teamwork, and allows you to assign tasks to your collaborators,  process large volumes of data and take advantage of tools and services tailored to your needs.

LiGRE est un outil d'analyse de données très abordable et avantageux pour les étudiants.


Benefit from the advantageous rates of LiGRE and gain access to its unique cloud technology compatible with all Web platforms. All your data in the same place, accessible from anywhere !

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Strong points

Here is a list of LiGRE's strong points. It briefly describes its the main modules and what you can do with them .

Integration of qualitative and quantitative data

LiGRE allows you to integrate your qualitative data to your quantitative data using a correspondence grid and weighting system. The correspondence grid ensures that, for each item in your survey, an equivalent item is generated in your codification tree. The weighting system ensures that, for each interview, the result of your codification is reduced to the most significant and statistically valid unit.

Build your survey and codification tree

LiGRE's intuitive and clean interface allows you to easily create and manage your survey and codification tree directly from the application. LiGRE also includes a module that allows you to quickly import your surveys and projects from other systems.

Distribute your survey

LiGRE enables you to distribute your survey using a URL, emails and social media.

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Add data 

LiGRE's qualitative tool allows you to import and codify audio, video and text interviews, articles, books and much more. You can import a project that you have made in other QDA software. You can also import response matrices from previous surveys and combine them with your new results.

Automatic transcription 

LiGRE is equipped with a voice recognition system that automatically transcribes more than 10 languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.). Upload your interviews and let LiGRE transcribe them for you.


LiGRE's highly user-friendly codification tool works equally well on computers, tablets and smart phones.


LiGRE is equipped with an advanced analysis module that helps you understand of all your data.

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Export and local backup

You can back up your data, be it transcripts, codifications, codified texts or survey results, at any time with LiGRE.


LiGRE was designed for teamwork. Work with your collaborators worldwide, whether they use a computer or tablet.

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Here are some examples of how to use the application. Get a brief outlook of what LiGRE can do.

How to codify on a tablet?

how to automatically transcribe an audio interview?

Release plan

Here is what you can expect from LiGRE in the coming months. Steps will be added in the future. Return to this section to get the newest updates on our future plans.


  • January 1st 2017

    1. Beta

    LiGRE's beta is already under way. Many features are already present and ready to use. Please note that changes to the modules can be made without prior notice; however, your data will remain intact.

  • June 5th 2017

    2. Pre-release

    LiGRE will enter a release preparation phase. At this stage, only users who subscribed to our mailing list will be invited to register and try LiGRE for free.

  • August 31st 2017

    3. Official release

    Drum roll please... the full–fledged version of LiGRE will be available to everyone in English, French and Spanish.

  • Fall 2017

    4. Data crawler

    LiGRE's data crawler will allow you to probe the entire content of websites in just a few seconds and then incorporate it to your research. No need to linger on the Web; just provide us with the URLs that interest you and our data crawler will do the rest!

  • Winter 2017-2018

    5. AI codification

    LiGRE will integrate an AI into its codification module. This AI will learn from your actions and be able to be activated at will to codify your data automatically and quickly.

More to come

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Minimum configuration required

In order to use LiGRE, you need an Internet connection of at least 100ms, 750kb/s, 250kb/s.

You need a version equivalent to or greater than:

  • 50.0.2661.86 of Chrome; 
  • 9.1(11601.517.1) of Safari;
  • 38.14393.0.0 of Microsoft Edge.

LiGRE can also be used from a tablet or smartphone. To do this, make sure you have a version equivalent to or greater than:

  • 55.0.2883.91 of Chrome for Android;
  • 55.0.2883.79 of Chrome for iOS.

Use Chrome on iPad and Android devices. Safari is not yet supported on these devices. To create an account, you will need an email address and password.


This grid presents LiGRE's planned prices and a partial summary of its functionalities.



We offer two kinds of licenses: volume license and institutional license. The volume license is ideal for users who want to carry out several projects simultaneously. The institutional license has been developed to meet the needs of departments, universities and research groups. For more information, contact us at:

About us  

LiGRE Software is a product of Logiciels Ex-l-Tec Inc. Our company is based in Trois-Rivières, Quebec (Canada) and has been creating Web application and developing software for more than 20 years.

Our expertise is mainly in the fields of education and health, sectors for which we have developed several products over the years. LiGRE, our latest product, makes us very proud!